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by Adrian on January 7, 2011

“If we make the not unreasonable assumption that diversity is ecologically and socially necessary to the health and quality of life, then we must question the values that have determined the image of nature in cities.”

-Michael Hough, Cities and Natural Process

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    After recently reading some J.B. Jackson essays written in the 1960s, I was struck by the fact that there was the same kind of “zeitgeist” feeling about enriching local ecology and increasing environmental consciousness during that time as there is now. Is our current fascination with these same ideas a continuation of those same ideas, [...]

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    Why Can’t You Be More Like Your Brother?

    looking down queens boulevard

    I am familiar with big roads.  Coming from the land of sprawl and automobiles, I’m no stranger to vast expanses of asphalt and fast-moving vehicles, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that Queens Boulevard is a different animal than what I’m used to.  When I came to New York City from Texas, [...]

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    Juggernauts Turning on a Dime

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    My curiosity has been piqued ever since I heard about Wal-Mart’s new Sustainability Index in July of last year.  I thought my eyes might be deceiving me when I read that they had an overarching plan to reduce the impact of their supply chain, one aspect of which was to develop a labeling system that [...]

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    Paris en soldes

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    Love the way this video provides a condensed cross-section of city life. I think it sets a good tone for this blog, and that’s why it’s my first post. More to follow.

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